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The Benefits

All of our wood mulch is produced using only clean wood residuals from a variety of in forest operations. This allows us to continually produce products free of harsh contaminants commonly found in recycled wood materials. All of our landscape mulches are great choices for retaining moisture and providing an excellent weed barrier.

Our natures best hardwood mulch is a blend of native midwestern hardwoods. Available in single or double processed and in light and dark shades to provide you with the ability to better suit your landscape needs.

Our premium hardwood select products speak for themselves. The all natural midwestern species offer a lot of class for the naturalist. Whether you desire the aroma and long lasting characteristics of Red Cedar or the unique hue of Cherry, your taste and our products will set you apart.

A product that has defined our mulch operations continues  to evolve. We are committed to provide only the most vibrant long lasting colored mulch on the market today. Using only the safest and best colorant available, our primary focus is to supply our customers with a durable landscape mulch that saves them time and money.

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Mulch Tips

As with any wood mulch it is a good idea to periodically "fluff" the beds to promote a better environment for root systems, and also to disrupt any unwanted germination of weed seeds.

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