We provide Firewood for Retail Clients
& Wholesale Direct Accounts

Split Hardwood Firewood

Are you looking for high quality bulk firewood? Then look no further. Whether you’re heating your home or just camping out for the weekend, we have the right product for you.

All split firewood sold by the “cord” measurement. 1 cord = 4’x4’x8′
Pick-up and delivery available (Bulk Only)

Residential Firewood
Residential Grade

Whether you use firewood for a primary source of heat or just for the added warmth on a cold winter night here in the midwest, we have what you need. Our residential grade of firewood is very clean and the perfect size for easy burning and handling.

Species: Hardwood Mix & Premium Red Elm (Special orders for oak, cherry and hickory available) Length: 16″

Boiler Wood
Boiler Wood

If it was good enough for cavemen, it’s good enough for your man. This is much larger than our residential grade and great for the outdoor wood stove or basement stoves which can easily handle the bigger pieces. This adds up to longer burn times and fewer trips down the steps or out the door.

Species: Hardwood Mix Length: 16″

Select Smoke Wood

Grill Fire

For those who like to grill and chill in the summer sun, here’s a good way to add a little flavor to the backyard bar-b-que.

Hickory: Smokey, bacon like flavor good for any smoking, especially pork, ribs or chicken.

Cherry: Slightly sweet with a fruity smoke flavor, great for beef! Also an excellent choice for game birds and pork, ham in particular.

Oak: This has a clean, mild smokey flavor without being too strong. Try with pork, chicken, beef and even seafood!

Maple: Mildly smokey with a somewhat sweet flavor. Try with cheese, vegetables and small game birds. Great for any poultry or pork as well.

 Pick-up & delivery available (Bulk or Bag)

Whole Log Firewood
Whole Log Firewood

Truckloads of whole log firewood are available for the “do it my way” individual who wants their wood just right. This allows you to keep your heating costs to a minimum while providing the ability to control the sizes and length of your wood.

Species: Hardwood Mix Length: Random (8′ to 22′) Diameter: 6″ to 20″ plus

Delivery only, half load minimum (Bulk Only)