Logging has been the backbone of our operation for the last 47 years. Performing the difficult task of proper felling and management skills has led us to being a popular choice among concerned landowners in the tri-state area. We are commited to practicing responsible harvesting in timber stands based on maturity and marketability together, so give us a call prior to your next timber sale for a free estimate.

Selective Harvest:

By harvesting only what is marketable at the time gives the landowner, overall, better value for their timber. This allows us to pay top prices for high quality timber. With strong seasonal markets on high quality veneer, it is important to contact us as we understand the current marketplace.

Timber Stand Improvement (T.S.I.):

Essentially this is a thining operation which includes removal of low-grade or subpar timber, whether chipped or ground, it is fully utilized. This promotes better growing conditions for desirable timber and improves pasturelands for livestock farmers or ranchers.

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