Grinding & Chipping

Municipalities, Contractors, Sawmills, Pallet Shops, and Landscape Distribution Yards

Bill Miller & Sons Logging offers mobile grinding and chipping services for Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois. With a fast, friendly and knowledgeable staff who knows how to get the job done both safely and efficiently saving you time and money.


Morbark model 6600 horizontal grinderWith two large mobile grinders, we can easily handle any type of wood waste recycling. Our Morbark model 6600 horizontal grinder with 1000 h.p. makes short work of longer feedstocks such as whole trees, logs and branches from either land clearing operations or stockpiled storm damage debris. Along with slabs and edging associated with the sawmilling industry or C & D material at construction sites.

Morbark model 1300 Tub Grinder

The Morbark model 1300 Tub Grinder with 1000 h.p. is better suited for extreme service applications such as grinding large diameter stumps and handling the bigger wood blocks that are to massive for horizontal grinders. Equipped with a cab and loader, this grinder can easily handle and process a variety of wood debris within reach. The 1300 Tub is also the best choice for regrinding, ensuring a consistently sized product with optimal production rates.

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Custom mulch coloring: Available during any regrind, we can color and process 150 to 200 c.y. per hour on your site, based on size requirement and water availability. All you have to do is furnish a water source that meets the necessary requirements for your wood fiber and leave the rest up to us. Now you can turn your mountains of wood mulch or chips into beautiful color enhanced mulch in no time at all, giving you more options to move your wood fiber at a premium.


Morbark Model 22 Total ChipharvestorOur Morbark Model 22 Total Chipharvestor with 800 h.p. works well for chipping whole trees or pulpwood to produce a suitable woodchip for most energy plants, paper mills or landscape distribution yards. This unit can handle up to 22″ diameter logs in any length easily with its own onboard swing loader, keeping production volume high.

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